• Gravity GZRO

    The Gaming Coin

    Gravity GZRO is a decentralized cryptocurrency developed for online gaming.
    GZRO is fast & secure and it aims to become a major player in handling the
    online gaming transactions. GZRO GAME MARKET is in the making.
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GZRO is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers fast and secure transactions. GZRO utilizes the blockchain and information technology to create the GAME MARKET of its own. By taking advantage of the tools and resources offered by the GZRO GAME MARKET, both players and the game developers will be able to effectively and conveniently be a part of – and be involved in - everything the online gaming world has to offer.

GZRO Features


GZRO is a gaming coin and a decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to bring the ultimate convenience to online gamers.

Fast And Secure

GZRO blockchain offers fast transactions and uses the latest available technology to provide the safest and the most secure online gaming environment.


GZRO POS offers a profitable return opportunity with staking rate of 21% per annum. It's like you're gaining as you game, or while you hold.

Growth Potential

GZRO wants to keep up with the fast growing gaming industry. We also want the gamers to benefit from our growth while they enjoy the simplicity we bring to the online gaming transactions.

Use Case Goals

GZRO aims to target all the gaming platforms that are available online. We want to become a major player in handling the online gaming transactions worldwide.

Mobile Exchanges

One of GZROs top priority is to be available on most mobile wallets and exchanges for user convenience. This includes both Android and IOS.

  • 2017

    Project research and planning
    Project development

  • 2018 - Q1

    Website launch
    Windows, Mac, and Linux Wallet completion
    Marketing Strategy put in place

  • 2018 - Q2

    Start Airdrop April 25th
    Listing on first exchange

  • 2018 - Q3

    More exchange listings
    User dashboard – design & sign-up function

  • 2018 - Q4

    Start development of GZRO Game Market
    Start development of GZRO web wallet

  • 2019

    Seek partnership with game developers.
    Release third party mobile wallet (Android)
    Launch Proof of Concept site gzrograviteers.org
    Start development of merchant system for GZRO

  • 2020

    Release gzro merchant system & market, based on bitcartcc
    Continue work on iOS wallet and partnerships in gaming realm

Meet GZRO Team

Dada Bloor - Founder

With over 25 years of experience in IT, Dada has co-founded a few successful projects and helped numerous others to succeed beyond their limits. With that experience in hand, now Dada devotes his time and expertise on managing projects with special focus on their UX, functionality, and business aspects.

Erkan Tuyen - Technical Advisor

Erkan has over 15 years of experience working as a Telecom Engineer with proven track record of successful completion of relevant projects across Europe. Information Technology was always the number one passion for Erkan until he was introduced to the blockchain technology in 2012.

Kees Koenen - Innovation Support

In his 20 year career, Kees managed and created several Innovative IT solutions. Currently, Kees is working as Chief Innovation Officer @ The Leading Edge, Atos. In this role, he is responsible for 10 EdgeTeams. Kees speaks 'nerd', 'geek' and 'business' fluently and feels just as home in the Technology Lab as he does in the boardroom.

Ankush Sharma - Development

A Full Stack Developer with 14+ years of experience in programming starting from thick client architecture to now thin client. Expert in Client/Server side Development, Server Handling, security, UI/UX, DB, API, SaaS and CRM Development. Specialities includes Big O, MVC, OOPS, PHP, jQuery, Angular and Blade.

Kevin Qualm - Marketing

An early investor in Bitcoin and Litecoin (2013). Creator of Bike Race Thanksgiving Level 8 (50,000,000+ downloads on Google PlayStore). Branding/promoting various brands like Intel®, belVita, and Rivella on a small scale. Co-founder of Kartvakantie (luxury go-kart holidays in Europe).

Delano Langedijk - Growth Hacker/ Bounty Manager

Delano came to cryptocurrency market in 2016 as an investor, but soon he become more interested in blockchain technology and started working as a growth hacker and marketer for cryptocurrency projects. Delano has been working in this industry ever since.

Hugo Queiroz - Development

Full Stack Developer with more than 5 years of experience specializing in cross-platform development. Excellent knowledge across Java, Angular, and Swift technologies. My ultimate goals is to always deliver a highly optimized and well-structured code with simple UI.

Skander Bibani - Development

An informatics student from the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam, Skander has nearly 5 years of experience specializing in game and mobile app development. Skander is currently focused on creating the first Indie game that supports the GZRO Coin.